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    Royal Pharmaceuticals Ripped 250 10amp 250mg/ml
  • Royal Pharmaceuticals Ripped 250 10amp 250mg/ml

Royal Pharmaceuticals Ripped 250 10amp 250mg/ml

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Manufacturer: Royal Pharmaceuticals

Substance: Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml Trenbolone Acetate 75mg/ml Drostanolone Propionate 75mg/ml

Pack: 10amp  250mg/1amp

Royal Pharmaceuticals Ripped 250 10amp 250mg/ml

Unlocking the Power of Royal Pharmaceuticals Ripped 250


Royal Pharmaceuticals Ripped 250 emerges as a potent fusion of three dynamic substances, heralding its prominence in cutting phases. Let's delve into its intricacies:

1. Composition:

Each ampule (1 ml) of Ripped-250 comprises:

Trenbolone acetate: 75 mg

Drostanolone propionate: 75 mg

Testosterone propionate: 100 mg

These compounds synergize to foster lean muscle development, augment strength, and facilitate fat reduction during cutting cycles.

2. Individual Components:

Trenbolone Acetate:

Recognized for its remarkable androgenic potency, surpassing testosterone by approximately threefold.

Stands as one of the most formidable injectable anabolic steroids accessible.

Drostanolone Propionate:

Derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), enriched with a 2-methyl group to amplify anabolic attributes.

Exhibits both anabolic and anti-estrogenic qualities.

Testosterone Propionate:

Exhibits swift action owing to its fast-acting ester.

Facilitates expedited gains in muscle mass and strength, necessitating frequent administrations due to its brief duration of action.

3. Side Effects:

Usage of Ripped-250 may induce:

Progesterone-associated effects, reminiscent of estrogenic responses (e.g., detrimental feedback on testosterone synthesis, heightened adipose deposition).

Androgenic manifestations such as sebum overproduction, acne, and escalation in bodily/facial hair growth.

Potential exacerbation of male pattern baldness.

4. Dosage:

For physique refinement or performance enhancement:

Weekly dosage typically ranges from 250-750 mg over a span of 6 to 8 weeks.

Given the transient nature of acetate esters, it's prudent to fractionate the weekly dosage into 2-3 smaller administrations.


While Royal Pharmaceuticals Ripped 250 epitomizes a potent adjunct for cutting endeavors, judicious usage under professional oversight is paramount. Responses to its administration may vary, underscoring the importance of consulting a healthcare provider before embarking on any new supplement or cycle.

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