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SR9009, also recognized as Stenabolic, is a research compound often associated with SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). However, contrary to popular belief, Stenabolic is not a SARM; it is actually a Rev-ErbA ligand. Let's explore further:

Understanding Stenabolic (SR9009):

SR9009 is a compound that binds to the Rev-Erb protein and boosts its activity within our body.

Rev-ErbA is prevalent in our liver, fat tissues, muscles, and skeletal muscles.

Unlike SARMs, SR9009 is non-hormonal and does not suppress natural testosterone production.

Mechanism of Action of SR9009:

SR9009 elevates the count of mitochondria in muscles, leading to enhanced endurance.

It aids in fat loss by boosting mitochondrial activity.

In the liver, it curbs the formation of new fat cells, indirectly contributing to fat loss.

Key Considerations:

SR9009 is not sanctioned for human consumption and is solely intended for research purposes.

Always seek advice from a healthcare professional before contemplating the use of any compound.

Remember, the details provided herein do not constitute medical advice. For tailored guidance, consult a professional.

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Sterling Knight Stenabolic SR9009 60tabs 5mg/tab

Sterling Knight Stenabolic SR9009 60tabs 5mg/tab

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