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    Muscle Pharm T-JECT 250 10ml 250mg/ml

Muscle Pharm T-JECT 250 10ml 250mg/ml

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Manufacturer: Muscle Pharm

  • Testosterone Cypionate (T-JECT 250):

    • Testosterone Cypionate is a synthetic derivative of testosterone, a crucial male hormone.
    • It is prescribed to address low testosterone levels in adult males.
    • T-JECT 250 is typically supplied in a 10 ml vial with a concentration of 250 mg/ml.
  • How Does Testosterone Cypionate Work?

    • Testosterone is pivotal for the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics.
    • T-JECT 250 functions by supplementing or substituting testosterone in the body to reach normal and healthy levels.
  • Dosage and Administration:

    • T-JECT 250 should be administered via intramuscular injection, typically deep in the gluteal muscle.
    • The recommended dosage varies based on factors such as age, gender, and medical condition.
    • For adults, a common dosage regimen involves injecting 400 mg into the muscle every 2 weeks.
  • Risks and Warnings:

    • T-JECT 250 is classified as a controlled substance due to its potential for misuse, dependence, and addiction.
    • Misuse encompasses exceeding the prescribed dosage or combining it with other testosterone medications.
    • It is essential to address any concerns regarding T-JECT 250 with your healthcare provider or pharmacist.
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