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    Muscle Pharm T-BOL10 100tabl 10mg/tab

Muscle Pharm T-BOL10 100tabl 10mg/tab

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Manufacturer: Muscle Pharm

  1. Turinabol (T-BOL10):
    • Composition: Each tablet of Turinabol (T-BOL10) contains 10 mg of 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.
    • Structure: Structurally related to methandrostenolone (Dianabol) and clostebol (4-chlorotestosterone).
    • Anabolic Activity: Turinabol is less potent than Dianabol, with minimal estrogenic activity and reduced androgenic effects.
    • Balance: Maintains a favorable ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects.
    • Usage:
      • Athletic dosages typically range from 15-40 mg per day orally.
      • Cycles usually span 6-8 weeks to mitigate potential liver strain.
      • Enhances the effects of other steroids and synergizes well with testosterone enanthate.
    • Stack Options:
      • Beginners often combine Turinabol with testosterone enanthate.
      • Intermediate users may integrate it with Deca Durabolin, transitioning to testosterone cypionate.
      • Advanced users opt for stacks with Trenbolone acetate for heightened results.
    • Purpose:
      • Utilized for acquiring lean muscle mass and augmenting strength.
      • Minimizes androgenic side effects observed with alternative steroids.
    • Appearance: Octagon-shaped tablet with a turquoise hue.

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