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    ConcenTrex EQUITREX 10ml 350mg/ml

ConcenTrex EQUITREX 10ml 350mg/ml

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Manufacturer: ConcenTrex

Enhance Performance with Equitrex 350, Concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml)

Equitrex is a steroidal drug with potent anabolic and androgenic properties, widely favored by bodybuilders and athletes for enhancing endurance and muscle growth. When used at low dosages alongside a high-calorie diet, it optimally boosts anabolic properties.

Activity Associated with Equitrex 350, Concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml)

As Equitrex shares similarities with conventional anabolic steroids, its usage may lead to testosterone suppression in the testes. Proper dosage, as per medical guidance, is crucial to avoid heightened androgenic effects. Upon administration, it stimulates erythrocyte production, crucial for oxygen transport in the body.

Uses Linked to Equitrex 350, Concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml)

Following the doctor's recommended dosage yields several benefits:

- Enhances erythropoietin production, boosting erythrocyte (RBC) count.

- Facilitates oxygen delivery by increasing RBC production, vital for lung-to-tissue oxygen transport.

- Amplifies anabolic properties, fostering muscle mass growth.

- Promotes lean muscle mass development.

- Increases appetite.

- Boosts endurance.

- Favoured by athletes for improved performance.

- Boasts a long half-life, eliminating the need for frequent dosing.

- Assists bodybuilders in sculpting their physique.

- Low doses avert water retention.

Dosage Guidelines for Equitrex 350, Concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml)

Dosage recommendations vary based on individual requirements. Beginners should avoid high doses. Administered intramuscularly, bodybuilders typically use around 400mg per week. It's noted that doses below 300mg weekly don't significantly impact muscle gain. For women, a dosage of 50-70mg is advisable to prevent adverse effects like acne, oily skin, and facial hair growth.


Prior to commencing Equitrex 350, Concentrex 10 ml (350mg 1ml) usage, consulting a physician is imperative. Disclose any allergies or medical history to avoid complications, as the product may contain allergens. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid these doses due to potential harm to the fetus or newborn.

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