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    ConcenTrex CYPIOTREX 10ml 350mg/ml

ConcenTrex CYPIOTREX 10ml 350mg/ml

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Manufacturer: ConcenTrex

Discover the Power of Cypinotrex: Your Ultimate Guide to Enhanced Performance

Unveiling the potential of Cypinotrex, a dynamic anabolic steroid with potent androgenic qualities. Formulated chemically as an ester with testosterone, this product is available in oil-injection form. Cypinotrex 350, Concentrex 10ml (350mg/1ml), emerges as the optimal choice for novice bodybuilders and athletes venturing into muscle-building endeavors. Emphasizing the significance of a well-balanced diet alongside steroid usage, as it effectively mitigates associated side effects.

Effects Linked with Cypinotrex 350, Concentrex 10ml (350mg/1ml):

Favored by bodybuilders and athletes alike, Cypinotrex offers a spectrum of benefits:

- Facilitates muscle mass gain and weight increase.

- Accelerates muscle recovery post-exertion.

- Augments body muscle mass.

- Serves as a robust energy source during intense workouts.

- Reduces body fat levels while enhancing anabolic properties.

- Elevates protein synthesis.

- Promotes nitrogen accumulation, fostering heightened body protein production.

While standalone use of Cypinotrex yields commendable results, many opt for synergistic combinations with other steroid products to achieve substantial muscle growth. Users are advised to maintain a balanced diet regimen.

Chemistry of Cypinotrex 350, Concentrex 10ml (350mg/1ml):

Cypinotrex, being the ester bond between cypionate and testosterone, boasts an extended half-life, eliminating the need for frequent injections. A single weekly injection sustains optimal blood levels. Possessing potent androgenic properties alongside moderate anabolic traits, Cypinotrex necessitates gradual cessation post-cycle to avert sudden weight loss.

Dosage Recommendations for Cypinotrex 350, Concentrex 10ml (350mg/1ml):

Dosage recommendations vary based on user requirements, typically ranging from 400 to 800 mg per week. Administered intramuscularly via injection, Cypinotrex 350, Concentrex 10ml (350mg/1ml) maintains presence in the body for over 2 weeks, negating the need for frequent injections. However, caution is warranted against excessive doses, which may induce water retention due to conversion to androgens.


Prior to commencing Cypinotrex usage, consultation with a healthcare professional is imperative, disclosing any allergies or medical history. Pregnant or nursing women are strictly advised against its usage. High doses pose health risks, potentially resulting in complications such as body hair growth, acne, or oily skin.

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