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    Sterling Knight YK-11 60tab 5mg/tab

Sterling Knight YK-11 60tab 5mg/tab

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Manufacturer: Sterling Knight

Substance: YK-11

Pack: 60 tablets  5mg/1tabl

Sterling Knight YK-11 60tab 5mg/tab

Unlocking the Power of Sterling Knight YK-11: Your Comprehensive Guide

Delve into the realm of Sterling Knight YK-11, a unique compound blending the characteristics of a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) and a steroid. By inhibiting myostatin, a protein that restricts muscle cell growth, YK-11 facilitates muscle mass enhancement along with other benefits. Here's a detailed breakdown of recommended dosages for various purposes:

Bulking Dosage:

For those pursuing muscle bulking, a daily dosage of 15 mg of YK-11 is recommended.

This dosage promotes significant muscle mass gains when complemented by a proper diet and exercise regimen.

During bulking, aim for a caloric intake 300 to 500 calories above maintenance.

Sample bulking cycle:

Weeks 1-8: 15 mg per day

Weeks 8-10: 50 mg of Clomid per day

Weeks 10-12: 25 mg of Clomid per day

Following a bulking cycle with YK-11, engage in post-cycle therapy (PCT) using Clomid to mitigate testosterone suppression and prevent side effects such as gynecomastia.

Cutting Dosage:

During cutting phases, opt for a lower dosage of 10 mg per day to support smooth weight and fat loss.

Maintain a balanced diet and exercise routine for optimal results.

Sample cutting cycle:

Weeks 1-8: 10 mg per day

Remember to consume YK-11 with food to maximize absorption and effectiveness.

It's essential to note that while YK-11 shows promise, its safety and efficacy remain incompletely understood. Consulting a healthcare professional before initiating any new supplement or cycle is strongly advised.

Unlock your potential with Sterling Knight YK-11, but always prioritize safety and informed decision-making in your fitness journey.

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