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    Magnus Pharmaceuticals RAD 140 100cap 5mg/tab

Magnus Pharmaceuticals RAD 140 100cap 5mg/tab

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Magnus Pharmaceuticals RAD 140 100cap 5mg/tab

Introducing RAD140, the latest advancement in Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), designed to offer the body a potent surge of testosterone-like benefits without the drawbacks typically associated with steroid usage. Testolone serves as a viable alternative to traditional replacement therapy, interacting with hormone receptors in tissues akin to testosterone but with superior anabolic effects.

Who can benefit from RAD140?

Individuals with medically low testosterone levels or those affected by anabolic steroid use.

Bodybuilders seeking to bridge between steroid cycles.

Performance-oriented individuals cautious of adverse effects from enhancing drugs.

Those prone to gynecomastia.

Key Features:

Minimal, if any, androgenic activity.

Notable anabolic effects.

Doesn't hinder endogenous testosterone production.

Negligible aromatization.

Enhances muscle pump.

Synergizes effectively with Ligandrol and other SARMs.


Packaging: 100 capsules

Capsule Content: 5mg

Half-life: 16-20 hours

Recommended Usage Duration: 4-12 weeks

Dosage Guidance:

When used alone, a higher daily dose of approximately 20 to 40 mg is advisable.

For combination with other SARMs, a daily intake ranging from 5-20 mg is recommended.

Dosage adjustments may be warranted based on usage duration, with a tendency to taper doses over time or gradually increase them in a pyramid fashion."

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