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    Alley EVOGENE 100I.U 10amp 3,33mg/amp

Alley EVOGENE 100I.U 10amp 3,33mg/amp

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Manufacturer: Alley

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Human growth hormone, commonly known as HGH or GH, is a naturally occurring substance secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. This hormone plays a vital role in stimulating cell production, growth, and metabolic processes within the body. GH levels peak during late adolescence and gradually decline with age, impacting various physiological functions.

Availability and Pharmacology

HGH is available in synthetic forms, primarily somatropin and somatrem, manufactured using recombinant DNA technology. These synthetic versions mimic the actions of naturally occurring GH and are indistinguishable once injected into the body. GH functions by binding to specific receptors on tissues, regulating metabolism, fluid balance, and promoting skeletal and muscle growth.

Conditions Related to GH Levels

Imbalances in GH levels can lead to medical conditions such as acromegaly or gigantism when levels are excessive, and short stature conditions when levels are deficient. FDA-approved clinical uses of GH include treating short stature due to GH deficiency, Prader-Willi syndrome, chronic renal insufficiency, Turner syndrome, idiopathic short stature, intrauterine growth retardation, and growth hormone deficiency caused by pituitary tumors or AIDS-related wasting syndrome.

Benefits of GH Therapy

GH therapy has been shown to have several benefits, including increased muscle mass and bone density, decreased body fat, improved cognitive function, enhanced exercise performance, and improved cardiovascular tolerance to stress and exercise.

Dosage Guidelines

GH is administered via injection, either subcutaneously or intramuscularly, as it is not effective when taken orally. Dosage varies depending on the individual's weight, medical condition, and type of GH product. For adults, the typical dosage ranges from 0.01-0.1 mg/kg of body weight. The form of GH available can be either powder or liquid, which is reconstituted with a saline solution before injection.

Understanding the uses, benefits, and dosage guidelines of HGH is essential for individuals considering GH therapy for medical purposes. Consultation with a licensed physician is necessary to determine the appropriate dosage and administration method tailored to individual needs and conditions.

This revised content provides a comprehensive overview of HGH, covering its role in the body, clinical uses, benefits, and dosage considerations, catering to both informational and SEO needs.

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