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    ConcenTrex ENANTREX 10ml 350mg/ml

ConcenTrex ENANTREX 10ml 350mg/ml

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Manufacturer: ConcenTrex

Enhance Vitality with ENANTREX350: A Comprehensive Overview

Therapeutic Class:

Anabolic Agent


Each 1 ml of ENANTREX350 contains:

350 mg Testosterone Enanthate

Ethyl Oleate q.s.

For Intramuscular Administration

Indication & Dosage:

Intramuscular Administration:

Male hypogonadism:

Adult: For cypionate: 50-400 mg every 2-4 weeks; for enanthate: 50-400 mg every 2-4 weeks (or an initial dose of 250 mg every 2-3 weeks followed by maintenance doses every 3-6 weeks); up to 50 mg 2-3 times weekly for propionate.

Inoperable metastatic breast cancer:

Adult: As enanthate: 200-400 mg every 2-4 weeks.


Avoid in cases of hypercalcaemia or hypercalciuria, males with breast or prostate carcinoma, and during pregnancy and lactation.

Special Precautions:

Exercise caution in patients with cardiovascular disorders, skeletal metastases, renal or hepatic impairment, epilepsy, migraine, diabetes, or other conditions exacerbated by fluid retention. Monitor for signs of virilization in females and priapism or excessive sexual stimulation in males. Regular assessments recommended.

Adverse Drug Reactions:

Possible adverse reactions include fluid and electrolyte retention, increased skin vascularity, hypercalcaemia, impaired glucose tolerance, increased bone growth and skeletal weight, elevated LDL cholesterol, increased haematocrit and fibrinolytic activity, headache, depression, and GI bleeding.

Drug Interactions:

Potential interactions with ciclosporine, antidiabetics, thyroxine, anticoagulants, and corticosteroids. Long-term use may lead to resistance to neuromuscular blockers and enhanced fluid retention from corticosteroids.

Lab Interference:

May interfere with protein-bound iodine (PBI) and thyroxine-binding globulin concentrations. Alters excretion of creatinine, creatine, and 17-ketosteroids.

Pregnancy Category:

Category X: Contraindicated in pregnant women due to demonstrated fetal abnormalities.

Mechanism of Action:

Testosterone, the principal endogenous androgen, facilitates the growth and development of male sexual organs and maintains secondary sex characteristics in androgen-deficient males.


Store at room temperature (15-30°C) in a tightly-closed container, away from heat, moisture, and light. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

CIMS Class: Androgens & Related Synthetic Drugs

ATC Classification: G03BA03 – testosterone; Belongs to the class of 3-oxoandrosten (4) derivative androgens used in androgenic hormone preparations.

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