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    Malay Tiger Boldenone-200 10amp 200mg/ml

Malay Tiger Boldenone-200 10amp 200mg/ml

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Malay Tiger Boldenone-200 10amp 200mg/ml

Unleash the Potential of Boldenone 200

Boldenone 200 elevates red blood cell count, enhancing oxygen delivery to muscle tissues during exercise, thereby improving endurance performance. Widely utilized in athletics, its primary purpose lies in course applications for drying and optimizing athletes' weight parameters. This compound facilitates avoidance of muscle fluid retention while sculpting pronounced muscle relief and enhancing venous visibility.

Experienced athletes deem Boldenone 200 an ideal anabolic agent with versatile applications and minimal side effects.

Boldenone-200 Siteroid Profile:

Androgenic Index: 50

Anabolic Index: 100

Low Estrogenic Activity

Very Low Progestogenic Activity

Half-life: 14 days


Drug Withdrawal Period: 4-5 months

Originally developed for veterinary use, Boldenone gained favor among athletes due to its ability to foster significant muscle gains. As a derivative of testosterone, it exhibits potent anabolic and moderate androgenic effects. Its prolonged action minimizes injection frequency, and its non-hepatotoxic nature adds to its appeal.

Effects of Boldenone:

When administered as per expert recommendations, Boldenone can yield:

Quality Muscle Gain

Increased Appetite

Enhanced Physical Fitness and Activity Levels

Improved Oxygen and Nutrient Transport to Muscles via Red Blood Cell Stimulation

Enhanced Endurance

Boldenone Usage:

Experts advise weekly administration to optimize course efficiency and maintain stable hormonal levels. Women may also use this steroid, with recommended weekly dosages ranging from 50-150 mg. Course duration typically spans 8-10 weeks.

Combining Boldenone with Other Drugs:

To amplify muscle gains, athletes often combine Boldenone 200 with Trenbolone or Enanthate. Such combinations are suitable for novice bodybuilders, balancing anabolic and androgenic effects. Clomid is often included post-cycle to mitigate estrogenic side effects.

Side Effects:

With prudent regulation of course duration and dosages, the risk of adverse effects is negligible.

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