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    Royal Pharmaceuticals Primobolan 10amp 150mg/ml
  • Royal Pharmaceuticals Primobolan 10amp 150mg/ml

Royal Pharmaceuticals Primobolan 10amp 150mg/ml

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Manufacturer: Royal Pharmaceuticals

Substance: Methenolone Enanthate

Pack: 10amp  150mg/1amp

Royal Pharmaceuticals Primobolan 10amp 150mg/ml

Unlocking the Potential of Primobolan


Primobolan stands as a revered and widely utilized steroid in bodybuilding circles. Unlike nandrolone, it primarily serves as the cornerstone of steroid cycles. Methenolone, the active ingredient, derives from dihydrotestosterone (DHT), offering unique benefits and applications in physique refinement. Let's explore its nuances:

1. Composition:

Methenolone, or Primobolan, is formulated based on DHT, specifically DHB (dihydroboldenone), the reduced 5-alpha form of boldenone.

Notably, Methenolone lacks aromatization potential, ensuring minimal estrogenic side effects, making it an optimal choice for cutting cycles.

2. Usage and Benefits:

Often employed as a substitute for nandrolone or boldenone, Methenolone seamlessly integrates into cycles where Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise are inaccessible.

When paired with muscle-building agents like testosterone or methandrostenolone, Methenolone yields comparable gains, particularly favorable for cutting phases alongside drostanolone, stanozolol, or trenbolone.

Women and novices favor Methenolone for its mild anabolic properties and reduced androgenic effects, often incorporating it with nandrolone for a safer cycle perspective.

3. Formulations and Dosage:

Available in injectable and oral forms, injectable Methenolone Enanthate is preferred for its sustained release and enhanced bioavailability.

The typical weekly dosage ranges from 300-600mg, administered once weekly due to its prolonged action.

Oral tablets, while less potent, find usage among individuals averse to injections, necessitating daily dosages of 100-150mg, divided into 2-3 administrations.

4. Safety Profile:

Methenolone exhibits minimal hepatotoxicity, attributable to its 1-methyl group, which mitigates liver stress compared to 17-alpha-chelated steroids.

Its benign effects on cholesterol and blood pressure render it favorable for prolonged usage with minimal systemic impact.

Despite its DHT derivation, Methenolone poses limited risk of virilization in women, though prolonged use may lead to mild androgenic manifestations.

5. Detection in Athletes:

Methenolone in its acetate form is conducive for athletes seeking to evade detection, offering lower chances of detection compared to testosterone metabolites.

Notably, methenolone contamination in meat has been documented, potentially serving as a defense strategy against positive test results.

6. Usage Guidelines:

Methenolone usage parallels that of nandrolone, typically ranging from 300-400mg weekly, often alongside other steroids for enhanced effects.

Alternative drugs like Clomid or Nolvadex for post-cycle therapy are deemed unnecessary due to Methenolone's non-aromatizing nature and sustenance of gains.

In essence, Primobolan stands as a versatile and mild steroid option, cherished for its favorable safety profile and efficacy in both cutting and bulking cycles. However, prudent usage and adherence to dosage guidelines are imperative to maximize benefits while minimizing potential risks.

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